The guardian of ancient tastes

The restaurant at Maria Caderina Green Village is finely furnished in the typical Sardinian style, with amazing, classy architectural details. Our cooking is a perfect fusion between Sardinian traditional dishes and innovative recipes, prepared with wholesame ingredients. This is the key to success of our restaurant!
The best selection of meats and homegrown vegetables is from the Murgias farm, inside the Regional Natural Park of Tepilora, a Unesco Heritage site. Our cooking basic ingredients are cheese, meat and vegetables, flavoured with Mediterranean aromatic herbs such as wild fennel, basil, sage, rosemary and mint. The crown jewel of our first dishes is the handmade pasta as maccarrones de punzu seasoned with rich lamb sauce and the filled pasta as ravioli or cannelloni. The roast lamb and the famous roast suckling pig are our delicious second courses, not to be missed. The “seada” has an unbeaten position among desserts. It is like a big ravioli (a big pastry parcel) filled with fresh stringy cheese, fried in Sardinian olive oil and served with a honey topping.